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My-Places provide easy, stress-free accommodation. To protect you and us, there are some terms and conditions to adhere to:

Use of the Property

Guests agree that the property will be used in a proper and responsible manner and that they will:
- Take all reasonable care of the property, its fixtures and fittings and will leave them on the departure day in the same clean and tidy condition as on the day of arrival;
- Not cause a nuisance and will be considerate to the occupiers of adjoining properties;
- Not alter the property, fixtures or fittings or overload the electrical system
- Ensure that they are responsible for the behaviour of their children at all times and not allow them to play in the hallways or the lifts
- Please be aware that any significantly strong smells, from cooking or lack of hygiene, still in the apartment after your stay with us that results in the apartment needing to be fumigated will be billed to the departing guest.
- Not keep pets in the property
- Please bring a picture ID (passport, driving licence etc.) with you. We reserve the right to verify both the credit card and your identity. The keys to the apartment will not be handed over until such time that our verification process is complete.
- If you are not the card holder, or where the reservation is made on your behalf, we will require you to be present at check-in, should this not be the case and you are not arriving with the party, full booking payment must be made via bank transfer.. If it is a company booking, this should be done on a company letter heading.
- A credit / debit card or id is required to secure your reservation. If the reservation is not required before 3pm on the day of arrival your credit / debit card will be charged for the full amount of the first nights stay.
- If the Guest's number is less than the full capacity of the property, we reserve the right to lock away the rooms with the excess beds. Optionally, we can leave the rooms opened for an extra charge.
- My-Places cannot be held responsible for anything which is due to unforseen circumstances which prevent full use of the property for short periods of time. On rare occasions essential building work may be carried out for example lift maintainance.


Unless otherwise agreed, upon processing your booking, a deposit of 30% of the total charge is required to secure the apartment. This amount will be taken from your card and deducted from your final balance.
We might not be able to process any bookings which are made after 21:00 hrs for the same arrival day.

Payment may be made by:
- Most charge cards (security code, expiry date, address and post/zip code required)
- Bank transfer in £ sterling net of bank charges
- A adminstration fee will be added to all bookings.
- A card is required to secure the booking. A 30% deposit is taken same day the balance will be taken within seven days of arrival.
- Upon arrival the card used to make the booking must be presented by the card holder (we cannot accept any 3rd party guests arriving with another persons card). Should the booking be for a friend or relative please contact our office on (0161) 227 9444 at the latest 7 days prior to arrival. Should your party turn up with a 3rd party card you may be refused accommodation.
- Prior to guest's arrival, at our discretion, a minimum property security deposit of £300.00 per apartment will be taken from the card supplied but refunded 3 days after departure.
- Please note in the event of any misuse or damage to the property we will recover the full cost of repair or replacement from the card.
- Cash or cheques will not be accepted for the property security deposit.
- Card charges are waivered if payment is made by cash. Please state method of payment.
- Cheque if the booking is made more than 21 days before the day of arrival
- Cash payments accepted
- The prices are based on 2 guests sharing. Additional guests are charged dependent on length of stay.
- Any additional guests staying in an apartment that are not declared at the time of the reservation will result in a £75.00 per nightly charge.
- All optional facilities require an extra payment (please see the individual property descriptions for details)
- Rates may be changed at any time without warning.
- Children under 10 years of age will not be charged.
- Unless otherwise specified, payment will be taken within seven days prior to the client taking up occupancy of the property.
- If you call us you need to pay the original, undiscounted rate. Book Online and you can enjoy 5% discount. - If a price is negotiated beforehand the 5% discount is not applied. +44 161 227 9444.
- We reserve the right to process payments using Paypal and you may be asked to provide credit card payment using this method.
- We reserve the right to take the remaining balance outstanding from the card supplied 7 days prior to arrival via our PayPal / Card payment system, unless instructed otherwise via email or text by the customer before the 7 days.
-All quotes given do not include Vat @ 20%
-All short term rentals are subject to VAT
-All property must be paid for prior to keys being handed over, we accept advance payment by card or bank transfer alternative cash payments can be accepted.
-In the event payment has not been received from the client and occupancy has commenced we will automatically process the payment from the card supplied.
-Once a booking has been made the agreed price and details of the quote form part of the contract made between My-Places and the client.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations of a confirmed booking, for whatever reason, must be confirmed in writing as soon as possible preferable by email.

A card required to secure your reservation at My-Places

  1. If cancelled up to 30 days before date of arrival, a free cancellation will apply.
  2. If cancelled within 30 days before date of arrival, 30 percent of the total price of the reservation will be charged.
  3. If cancelled later or in case of no-show, the 100% of the total price reservation will be charged.
  4. We cannot be responsible for bad weather, illness, change's in travel plans or travel delays.
  5. All cancellation requests made to the company will be actioned within 24 hours of receipt and must be undertaken in writing via email or text.
  6. Any booking made by a client that My-Places deems may be used for purposes of obtaining Visa's and not used for accommodation purposes, shall be exempt from the companies standard cancellation policy and any fees paid to the company shall not be refundable or transferable unless specific conditions are met.
  7. Reducing the number of nights, guests or apartments after commencing a reservation will not affect the total price of the booking.
  8. Reducing the number of guests will not affect the total price.

Operational Reasons
In rare cases apartments can become no longer available after a booking has been made. This might happen for varying reasons. In this case we will attempt to re accommodate our guests in suitable accommodation of our own at a price equivalent to the original agreed. In the case our own accommodation is not available we will not be held responsible for any extra costs the client bears over and above the original price agreed in securing alternative accommodation. In the case re-accommodation is impossible we issue a full refund.

Special Events
In rare circumstances an event maybe cancelled or modified beyond My-Places' control, whilst we make every effort to assist our customers we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to modify your booking. In these cases the full cancellation policy applies unless otherwise directed by My-Places.

Affiliate Partners:
In the event that one or more of our affiliate partners have cancelled your booking for whatever reason, we will try and find you an alterative apartment. In some cases it might be cheaper in others it maybe more expensive. If we fail we will let you know so you are able to make alternative arrangements.

Check in / out

- New tenancy starts at 15:00
- Please note, if you would like to check-in before 15:00 or after 18:00, please be advised there will be a surcharge as detailed below.
- Upon the day of checkout, you must vacate the property by 11:00.
- Should you wish to request a late check-out this is subject to availability and the surcharge of £40 will cover the occupancy period until 14:30, should you wish to extend this we can be extended by contacting our office.
- Please note we will request your estimated time of arrival one day prior to arrival via our text message system failure to keep to the time you select within 30 minutes without prior notification may result in a surcharge (up to £40).

- All check-in's or check-out's are subject to availability.
Surcharges for check-in before 15:00 or after 18:00
Check in between 18:00 and 19:00 Surcharge of £20
Check in between 19:00 and 23:00 Surcharge of £40
Check in between 23:00 and 07:00 Surcharge of £60
Check in between 07:00 and 14:00 Surcharge of £20

Period of Occupation

The contract is made when My-Places confirms the booking and the Guest(s) has paid the 30% deposit. Bookings will be confirmed in writing and will include the dates of arrival and departure. In the event that we don't have availability for the apartment that you booked we will offer you an alternative you must respond by either confirming or decline the new apartment. Guests wishing to extend their stay are requested to give My-Places at least 7 days notice unless otherwise agreed and subject to the property or an alternative being available. The exact accommodation cannot always be guaranteed prior to the day of arrival. A confirmed booking for which the Guest(s) has paid all due charges gives the Guest(s) permission to occupy the property, in accordance with these terms and conditions, for the period for which the charges have been paid. Under no circumstances does this create a tenancy of any description.
- If a client or associate of the client wishes to depart the property early no refund shall by returned to the client or associate, this does not apply to property security deposits made and shall by fully refundable upon proper inspection of the property.


Please note My-Places and its affiliate companies or partners work in-line with all current legislations with regards to both payment taking and card handling, our company also makes ever effort to prevent fraudulent use of cards.

All occupancy charges are inclusive of all bills except VAT. The telephone bill will be deducted from the deposit together with the cost of any additional charges and the cost of any damage/loss incurred during the Guests' stay which will be notified to the guest(s). The balance of the deposit will be refunded subject these terms and conditions.
My-Places reserve the right to charge you an additional fee of upto £150 for additional cleaning costs should the apartment not be returned in an acceptable condition eg. Washing of plates, removal of beer cans and any such party items or other paraphernalia and the removal of tissues and rubbish from our rooms.
We respectfully ask you to clean up your mess before leaving.
In the event if it is required to put an extra bed with beddings into the property a daily minimum charge of £10 will apply.

By ticking that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions and by signing the registration form, you are also agreeing to us taking payment from the card provided for any damages and the replacement of any missing items from our property.

When booking, please specify if separate beds are required for you & your party a surcharge of £25 per person per night will be added to your booking cost. Please be advice that when the apartment is booked for less than full capacity we will lock away the extra rooms or utilise the extra beds in other apartments.

In the event of a Guest locking themselves out, we can arrange to let a guest back in although a charge of £50.00 will be applied for a member of staff to call-out to cover time and expenses.

In the event when the Guest don't supply the required information at the time of registration and there is a dispute, a charge of £50.00 will be applied for a member of staff to call-out to cover time and expenses.
Upon leaving the property check out is between 10:00am and 11:00am after this time a charge of £40.00 will be applied to your stay.

Free! All children under 10 years stay free of charge when using existing beds and bedding.
All children under 2 years are charged £5.00 for the first night then £2.50 per night there after for a travel cot.
Any type of extra bed or baby cot is available upon request.
Digital Money Safe is available for £5 for the first night and £2 per night thereafter.
Extra beddings are available for £5.95 per person (one-off fee).

Failure To Pay! In the event of a failed transaction or disputed payment or a failure to pay for the accommodation by any other means, the company has a right to apply a charge per letter or email sent to the client of £25.00 for time plus adminstration costs or 5% of the total booking costs after the first 5 days.

Failure to pay for any accommodation supplied to a client by My-Places will result in the appropriate court action being taken against the client regardless of country, My-Places will also pass on all court costs to the client and shall not be liable to pay any court costs whilst persuing the client.

Contract Based Bookings

Should you be accepted to have a contract based booking with our company the following additional conditions apply.

The initial booker's staff member will be requested to sign on behalf of booker and company and this signature will enter your company into a legally binding agreement with ours.
All payments periods are made subject to management.
If you are on a rolling period contract we require a minimum 30 days notice to cancel.
All our other standard terms and conditions apply to the booker's staff who will act on behalf of the booker and their company.


Should you wish to view a property prior to a check-in.

We can arrange any viewing under special circustances and allow a viewing on any of our properties all viewing will be chargable at £25 per viewing per property. Should you then book the property the amount charged for viewing will be deducted from the total booking price.


Should you receive a quotation from us the following applies.

  1. Any quotation given is only valid for a maximum of 3 days.
  2. All quotations are given subject to the clients requirements at the point of contact.
  3. We reserve the right to re-quote and amend our offer based on up to date information presented by the client.
  4. All bookings made after a quotation is give are bound by all terms and conditions herein.

Client Information

Once a booking has been made and confirmed My-Places shall inform the client in writing via email or text.
All client information supplied to the company shall be dealt with in accordance to the Data Protection Act 1998


Guests agree to allow the My-Places owners or their representatives to have access to the property at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspection, maintenance, repair or viewing.

Damage and Other Loss

The cost of replacement, repair and loss caused by the guests' unreasonable use of the property is their responsibility and will be deducted from the deposit. Should you find any damage it is your responsibility to ensure our office is made aware so a inspection of immediate repair can be carried out, our properties are throughly inspected prior to arrival by two members of staff, although every care and attention is taken during this inspection should you find a issue please raise it with the office.

Breach of Conditions

If a Guest is in breach of any of My-Places terms and conditions and has been requested to leave, the right to occupy ceases automatically. No refund will be made of any payments made.

Keys and Security Devices

Wherever and unless otherwise requested by the client a minimum of two sets of keys will be provided for each property, to be returned with any security devices attached or issued on the day of departure.

In the event that property keys and or security fobs are lost or not returned, it will incur a replacement charge of £75.00 to cover the cost of replacement keys, changing of the locks and all labour and transport charges. Each security fob which has been issued carries a separate replacement cost of £50.00 (for fob replacement) the property management companies charge our company this rate and we have to pass this charge onto our clients when we have to replace the fobs. Each car parking controller issued that is lost also carries its own separate charge to replace of £50.00.

If any Guest requires assistance in gaining entry to the property, due to leaving one of our keys in the property for example, we can arrange to let a guest back in although a charge of £50.00 will be applied for a member of staff to call-out to cover time and expenses

Data and Internet

Complimentary internet connection is provided in all properties. Whilst My-Places will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that this facility is readily available, My-Places accepts no responsibility for the inability to connect to the internet for whatever reason including problems caused by the Guests' hardware or software. My-Places are not responsible for payment of dial up charges.  Guests connect to the internet at their own risk and My-Places, its servants or agents, are not responsible for any damage to a Guest's computer, its data or the security of any data transmitted over the internet. My-Places are not responsible for any viruses, loss of data or unauthorised access and Guests are responsible for ensuring that their computers have adequate protection systems.


Reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the content of our website (and/or other means of promotion or advertising) is correct but it is subject to amendment at any time without notice. All content on our website (and/or other means of promotion or advertising) is published in good faith but you acknowledge that we cannot check the accuracy of all information provided.
Our website may link to other websites and we are not responsible for the data policies, content or security of these linked websites. Our website (and/or other means of promotion or advertising) will only have a general representation of the accommodation shown.
Actual apartment size, design, fixtures, furnishings and facilities may vary.
My-Places have made all reasonable effort to ensure that its website is accurate. My-Places, however, gives no warranty that the property occupied by the Guest will be exactly as shown on the website. My-Places are not responsible for the data or security on any website to which My-Places website has a link.

Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of prices on our website, prices change on a daily basis, to ensure you pay the rate which is stated please note bookings should be made at that time.
We cannot accept screenshots as proof of rates as our rate system can change at any given time, to ensure rate accuracy please use our online booking system at the time of seeing the rate. Please note all rates at accurate at time of booking.
My-Places cannot be held responsible for rate indifferences from day to day and are not obliged to honour any rates which you may have proof of seeing in the past.


Use of Cookies

Cookies are information sent by a web server to a web browser and stored by a web browser. My-Places only sets cookies that are essential to the functionality of the website or analytical cookies for the purposes of understanding how visitors use the Website to enable us to continually improve the user experience of visitors. These persistent cookies will not store any identifying data.
My-Places uses Google Analytics to monitor visits to our website. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website (including your IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google will use this information for the purpose of evaluating your use of the website, compiling reports on website activity for website operators and providing other services relating to website activity and internet usage. Google may also transfer this information to third parties where required to do so by law, or where such third parties process the information on Google's behalf. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google.
We set the following cookies:
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Identifying Unique Visitors
Each unique browser that visits a page on our site is provided with a unique ID via the __utma cookie. In this way, subsequent visits to your website via the same browser are recorded as belonging to the same (unique) visitor.
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Determining Visitor Session
The Google Analytics tracking for ga.js uses two cookies to establish a session. If either of these two cookies are absent, further activity by the user initiates the start of a new session.
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Tracking Traffic Sources & Navigation
When visitors reach our site via a search engine result, a direct link, or an ad that links to our page, Google Analytics stores the type of referral information in a cookie. This cookie gets updated with each subsequent page view to your site; thus it is used to determine visitor navigation within your site.
You can block, remove or restrict cookies through your browser, but should you do this you may find that you are not able to use all the functionality of this site. To learn how to do this click here.

Privacy Policy

Information We Collect
In running and maintaining our website we may collect and process the following data about you:
  1. Information about your use of our site including details of your visits such as pages viewed and the resources that you access. Such information includes traffic data, location data and other communication data.
  2. Information provided voluntarily by you. For example, when you contact us for information or make a booking.
  3. Information that you provide when you communicate with us by any other means.
Use of Your Information
We use the information that we collect from you to provide our services to you.ÔŅĹ In addition to this we may use the information for one or more of the following purposes:
  1. To provide information to you that you request from us relating to our products or services.

Personal Data
In order to protect and safeguard the personal data provided to us, we have implemented and use appropriate business systems and procedures. For example, your credit card information is transmitted to us through a secure server protocol, which encrypts all your personal and credit card details. The encryption method used is the industry standard "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) technology. Our SSL certificate has been issued by COMODO CA Limited. Furthermore, we have implemented and use security procedures and technical and physical restrictions for accessing and using personal information. Only authorized employees are permitted to access personal information for performing their duties in respect of our services.

Our server and network are protected by firewalls against unauthorized access and we have intrusion detection systems that monitor and detect unauthorized (attempts to) access to or misuse of our servers.

Newsletters and other information : If you wish to subscribe for our newsletter or wish to receive other information from us (in respect of our, our affiliated companies' or business partners' products or services), we offer you the option to "Opt in" for this service. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter and other promotional communications, you can simply click on the unsubscribe link or reply (with "unsubscribe" in the subject line). Visitor's registration and "cookies": For (improvement of) our service and product, we use (temporary and persistent) cookies to track browsing behavior and monitor and record the visits and use of our website(s). Cookies are text files stored at your computer, either temporary or persistent on your hard drive. Cookies are used for authenticating, session tracking (state maintenance), and maintaining specific information about the users of our website, such as site preferences or the contents of their electronic shopping carts. Furthermore, we will record your IP address, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP) for fraud, misuse and criminal investigation purposes. For more information about cookies we store click here

Disclosing Your Information
We will not disclose your personal information to any other party other than in accordance with this Privacy Policy and in the circumstances detailed below:
  1. In the event that we sell any or all of our business to the buyer.
  2. Where we are legally required by law to disclose your personal information.
  3. To further fraud protection and reduce the risk of fraud.

Third Party Links
On occasion we include links to third parties on this website. Where we provide a link it does not mean that we endorse or approve that site's policy towards visitor privacy. You should review their privacy policy before sending them any personal data.


While all reasonable care is taken, My-Places accept's no responsibility for injury, loss, damage or inconvenience, however caused. Guests are recommended to ensure that they have sufficient appropriate insurance.


While it is hoped that guests will have no cause for complaint, My-Places must be informed of any grievance immediately to be confirmed in writing and all complaints will be handled accordingly. Please be aware that My-Places must be informed firstly regards any grievance you will receive an email or letter confirming your complaint.

Lost Property

My-Places cannot accept responsibility for the loss of any articles, nor can it be responsible for any property not remove upon departure.

All items left in a property where possible will be returned to our central office, these items will be held a maximum of 7 days, should our company not get any request to return these items within this time period the items will be disposed of via way of charity shop or other outlet.

Please note any item left in our property that has been requested to be returned shall need to be weighed for postage, all postage costs plus our companies administration costs must be met by the person requesting the item be returned, we do not hold the named booker responsible for the item or its return.

All information you provide us with is 100% confidential and will be shared with no other persons except for the senior staff at My-Places. All information relating items left behind will be handled via telephone or text only for security purposes, all payments for items return must be made via bank transfer and prior to goods being dispatched.

terms and conditions acceptance

Your agree to our terms and conditions by the following

  1. By making a booking through a third party website, this constitues as an acceptance to our terms and conditions and also the agent.
  2. By making a booking directly with us using this site you will have to accpet our terms and conditions by ticking a checkbox before your booking is processed.
  3. By making a booking through a third party website, this constitues as an acceptance to our terms and conditions and also the agent.

Vouchers, Discounts, Promotions and Codes

Promotional Vouchers

  1. Limited to one promotional voucher per person.
  2. This promotional voucher may only be used at My-Places.
  3. Promotional vouchers cannot be used retrospectively, ie applied to any booking already placed with us.
  4. Please refer to your promotional voucher for the expiry date.
  5. This promotional voucher has a cash value of GBP 0.001 and is not transferable or assignable.
  6. My-Places reserves the right to cancel vouchers at any time.
  7. Please note that voucher codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or any other discounted deals.
  8. Normal My-Places terms and conditions located on the website apply.
  9. All Vouchers are subject to availability and are restricted to a Sunday to Thursday night stay only (City Centre Properties Only, Cleaning charges are not included) unless otherwise stated.
  10. All vouchers are none transferable and may only be redeemed and used by the person named on the voucher. (This does not apply for My-Places Prize Vouchers)
  11. All vouchers for our UK properties are for a maximum of two guests (unless otherwise stated on the voucher).
  12. Cancellations, if a voucher is used to reserve a specific date, in the event you wish to cancel, the voucher may only be reused if we are able to resell the property for the closed date. If the property is unable to resell we have the right to nullify your voucher.
  13. Please note we require the supply of valid credit card details for any free night stay for the purpose of security deposit.
  14. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for use during any UK or International holiday periods or bank holidays.
  15. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for use during any major Manchester event ie:(European Football Matches or concerts).
  16. Vouchers for discounts off your next stay will only be issued upon completion of a review being places on tripadvisor plus and relevant site which the guests made a booking with.
  17. Vouchers issued in respect of money off your next booking are subject to availabilty. Money off vouchers can be redeemed against any booking of your choice prior to the expiry date and the amount will be taken off the booking price. If making your return booking on-line please ensure you notify our company of the voucher using the special requests box.

Review Vouchers and Codes

  1. Reviews must be written and posted within 30 days of departure to obtain a discount offer.
  2. Review discount offers can only be supplied when a review has been posted on the site which the customer originally booked with and also tripadvisor.
  3. Review discount offers are valid for 6 months.
  4. Review discount offers can only be used at My-Places directly and cannot be used via booking agents.

Refer A Friend Codes

  1. Refer a friend codes may only be used a maximum of 3 times.
  2. Refer a friend codes are subject to standard terms and conditions.
  3. Refer a friend codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other codes.
  4. Refer a friend discount will be applied manually upon completing booking.


  1. Only one promotional discount per person.
  2. All promotions are only valid at My-Places.
  3. Promotions cannot be used retrospectively, ie applied to any booking already placed with us.
  4. Please refer to your email for the expiry date.
  5. All promotions are not transferable or assignable.
  6. My-Places reserves the right to stop promotions at any time.
  7. Please note that promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or any other discounted deals.
  8. Normal My-Places terms and conditions located on the website apply.
  9. All promotions apply only to our UK properties.
  10. Cancellations, if a promotion is used to reserve a specific date, in the event you wish to cancel, the promotional price is nullifed and cannot be reused.
  11. Please note we require the supply of valid credit card details.
  12. Promotions cannot be used for use during any UK or International holiday periods or bank holidays.
  13. Promotions cannot be used for use during any major Manchester event ie:(European Football Matches or concerts).
  14. Promotions can only be given to previous clients receiving an direct email from us and must have stayed with us previously and have met the conditions within the email.
  15. Promotions only apply to bookings made direct with My-Places, no discounts or any other offer will be applied should a booking be made with an agent or affilliate acting on behalf of My-Places


The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by PW Properties (UK) LTD and while we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

Through this website you are able to link to other websites which are not under the control of PW Properties (UK) LTD. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them.

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